Local Small Business Website Package

  • Are people not able to find your business online?
  • Is your business not being listed when people search for your local business in your city?
  • The Local Small Business Website Design Package is designed to get your business up and running online.

Local Small Business Website

What You Get

With this website package, you will get:

  1. Your own domain name address (.com or .ca) so that you can use to market and promote in your print, business cards and other methods.
  2. Your own business website that is powered by WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular and the easiest to use website builder – you will find it simple to add new web pages, updated content and add images as required. Once the website has been set up with information you have provided, we’ll hand you the keys to make changes if you want.
  3. Starter content based on information you provide about your business. We want to give customers the information they are after: who you are, what your do, where and what regions you offer services and how to contact you.
  4. Premium professional WordPress theme included that is optimized for speed, performance and SEO.
  5. Contact form to email – get questions and inquiries directly to your existing email address.

Search Engine Submission

In addition to the setup and development of your new website, we will also submit your business to Google and Bing. The goal here is to let the search engines know about your website and your business.

We Submit to Bing & Google

While the website is being built, we will:

  1. Submit your business to Google My Business so that you can show up in Google maps and local searches for your business.

After your website is built, we will:

  1. Submit your website to the major search engines Google and Bing.
  2. Update your Google Business listing

Information we need

  1. Your local business name
  2. Mailing address – street, city, postal or zip code and contact phone number. This will be used on your website and also to submit to Google and Bing search engines.
  3. Content – information about your business. This can be existing brochures and print materials you currently use to tell customers about your business. You know your business best so the more information we have to build your website, the better. Information would include:
    1. WHO – who are you and about your business
    2. WHAT services do you offer
    3. WHERE do you offer such services. Example: Website design services in Abbotsford, BC
    4. WHEN do you do business. 24/7, 5 days a week, evenings, weekends, etc.
    5. WHY are you the best at what you do?
    6. HOW best to reach you – by phone, by email, all of the above or other.
  4. Photos or images about your business. These could include works and products you have created. Examples here would include photos of masonry work, photos or landscaping, images of items you have for sale or have built.

About SiteBuilderOne

We have been building websites since 1998 for a variety of clients, businesses, associations and non-profits. We are an Abbotsford web design company and work with professional developers and designers in the Fraser Valley.

We use WordPress as the majority of our customer like the ease of use and the ability to self-manage their website content.

Support for WordPress can be found online via websites, forums and chat rooms.

Contact us should you have any questions