How to quickly audit your website

Date: September 15, 2020

It's healthy to occassionaly self-audit your website to see how your website stands with the on-going, ever evolving changes on the web.

Your website may be outdated or you simply may be missing elements that the search engines are looking for with your site.

The following is a brief list of various online tools one can use for free to test and get insight as to how you can further improve your website effectiveness.

The areas for audit include:

  1. Performance and speed testing
  2. Mobile responsiveness
  3. SEO - search engine optimization


Speed Test - how fast is your website?

This one matters.

A slow website results in people leaving your website or not even trying.

Causes for slow websites could include images too big, web page sizes to large, web hosting issues and more.

To perform a quick website speed test on your website, use the following tools online


Google's PageSpeed Insights


GTmetrix for wesbite load and speed



Pingdom Website Speed Test

Test for Mobile

As more people and online visitors use mobile devices, it's important to test for mobile responsivess to answer the question, how does your website perform on mobile devices.

Website Mobile Friendly Test

Test your website with Google's mobile test website

By running you the mobile-friendly test, you can review with you designer or developer fixes that need to be made on your website.

Here is a sample output of a website that required fixes

Sample mobile-friendly test

A few additional websites to test your mobile resposiveness include:


SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is an ever evolving practise as changes in algorithm are mostly unknown and getting ranked for desired keyword terms is an art form in itself.

Google does publish and maintain a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide - it's well worth reviewing

When testing your website for search engine effectiveness, the basics are required:

  1. Do you have proper title tags on your web pages?
  2. Is there a good description about what the web page is about?
  3. Are you properly linking within your website or do you have any broken links?
  4. Is your website host or speed slow?
  5. Are you linking from your social media accounts?
  6. Do you have your images optimized

And the list goes on.

  1. Google Search Console - start here, this one is most important as it is direct from Google.
  5. - search for copies of your website online

Want to run a full audit?

Here are a few additional resources: