June 24, 2018

Laraclassified Tips

Build your next classified ads website with a Laravel powered ads websites

With so many free and open source scripts out there, it can be a challenge in determing what is the best classified ads script for building ad postings website.

We’ve tried a number of WordPress plugins, but just we’re not comfortable with the number of additional plugins one would need to install to make it work properly.

On a number of websites, we have also installed a number of classified ads scripts to test out and try.

End of day, Laraclassifieds won as it provides a number of featured right out of the box.

In our journey to set this up, we also learned a few things which can also help you out.

Quick Setup Tips

The official guide is located LaraClassifieds documentation


The following can be done using cPanel

  1. Upload .zip archive to web server to directory where you plan to serve the website. Default for most websites will be the ‘public_html’ directory.
  2. mySQL Database - create database and users account
  3. Extract .zip file uploaded to web server
  4. Set folder permissions to ‘755’ for
    • bootstrap
    • storage
  5. Check PHP version and adjust ton 7.1+

Hosting matters

The developers claim and we can concur that the script will run on a shared hosting environment.

Ideally, having your own VPS would be better, but if you’re starting out, most hosts that can run the latest WordPress should also be able to run Laraclassifieds.


With your host, your will need to determine what you can control and what has been disabled by the host.

We found this with one host where PHP exec() and a few related functions were controlled by the hosting company and they would not open it up. This is fair and one can appreciated their position in wanting to keep things secure, especially in a shared environment.

Take website offline with Maintenance Mode

After you have installed the script on your web server and as your new classified ads website will have various categories, locations and information by default, you may want to place in to maintenance mode to prevent people from viewing and also from having the search engine index your websites.

Laraclassifieds maintenance mode

Block with .htaccess

If you want to exclude anyone but yourself from viewing, simply add the following at the top of your .htaccess file

This will help get your IP address: Get Your IP address

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from  # your IP address

Trim the database

Optimize your database by removing un-needed items such are countries and currencies from your database.

Classified countries

Save having queries performed on data you plan on not using.

To make things easier, set your ‘Records per page’ to 250 or something.

Meta Tags

Review and making adjustments here will help with the search engines … eventually. It will take time to index your website, especially if it is a new domain name, but letting the search engines know about what your website is about helps.


Reduce your categories immediately if you do not plan on using them.

Classified categories

Without removing the categories, many will be indexed with no content and search engines will see no value in these. In addition, this also reduces your load on the database.


Review & Change content in the default pages provided by LaraClassifieds

At minimun, create:

  • About page to let your visitors know what your website is about
  • Contact page to let people know how to contact you.


The following are changes we make within the ‘Configuration’ area of this PHP classified ads script


  1. Change your logo - the default dimensions are 454px × 80px in PNG format.


  1. Set ‘no-index’ to ‘Post Report Pages’
  2. No-index to tag pages
  3. No-index to user pages
  4. No-index to cities (if you have limited content this is a good start - can change this as your website grows)
  5. Post-permalinks, which are your friendly URLs, we go with ‘id-slug’
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