Setting up a new website involves a number of tasks to properly set up for success.

This is a brief overview of the various activities required to set up a new website for your local business.

Information gathered becomes useful for adding your business to various online services and website that list business information such as: Google Maps, Yelp, Bing and others.

For Business Owners

If you are a new website owner, be prepare to gather information about your company/business in preperation for a new website.

Business Information

Gather information about the business.

This includes:

  • Business Name
  • Mailing or retail address
  • Phone, fax and email numbers

Services offered

Questions to answer here are:

  • What are various services that your business provides?

Service locations

Where does your business operate and what are your service locations?

Common answers here would be:

  • National
  • Regional by State or Province
  • Local by city and surrounding communities
  • Retail only

Business category

Google has a number of pre-defined service categories

For Website Developers

The following website checklist is useful for website devlopers or a local website design company that will assist with setting up your website online.

1. Add Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you insight in to your visitor traffic