Build Your Own Website

Many people are building and managing their own websites online. Today, the technologies for setting up a website are so good that you may not need a ‘website developer’ or ‘website designer’ at all.

Who can built their own website?

Anyone that is comfortable with their computer should be able to build their own website – would be the simple answer.

Yes there are advanced technical techniques and skills, but they’re really not required – most good website software will perform this for you: re-size images, upload to website server, publish web pages and more. Part of the fun of managing your website is learning and trying something new.

If you’re comfortable with writing content, working with images and working from home or office from with your computer, setting up a website really can be fun and easy.

Why do I need a website?

If you’re running a business full or part-time, having a website makes smart business sense. Your reasons for wanting a website will be different from everyone and goals for your site will also be different.

It’s a great opportunity to tell the world and your customers the very basics about your business:

  • Who you are
  • What you do or the services you offer
  • Where do you business: locally, nationally, worldwide
  • When are you open for business: daily, yearly, 24/7 or certain times only
  • Why are you in business: because you specialize in something special or you are an expert at something.

Here are a few additional points:

  1. People are using mobile devices more and more to find local trades, services and business which they can do business with. Not having a website already excludes you from what people are searching for.
  2. Consumers expect it – in many cases they want to learn about your business before taking the next step of making the call, sending you email inquiry or visit your retail store.
  3. Maintaining a business website is relatively inexpensive. Compare to other marketing and advertising methods such as print or yellow pages advertising, your monthly fees will be for websites hosting services (more on this later below) which is on average $10-$20 a month.

Your website is like a business card that is always on, always working. Answering questions about your business that people almost always ask: when are you open, how long have you been in business, what do you specialize in and what do the products or services you sell cost. We used to say that you ‘website works while you sleep’ and it’s still true to this day.

With a website you can add as much information about your business as you wish – the successful ones do. We find that consumers like to get to know who they plan to do business with prior to reaching out to them. This would include reviewing their clients, previous work history, samples of works and more.

What is a website?

To start, let’s break down what a website actually is.

In the old days, people would be bamboozled with terms like HTML, URLs, GIF images, web hosting, domain names and such.

In some ways, it still is that way, but more simpler.

A website is a collection of web pages that contain content such as text, documents and images.

These web pages are linked together using links.

The collection of web pages would be considered a ‘websites’.

What we plan to cover – the build your website agenda

Why do I need a website?

Why should I build my own website?

Where do I start?

What will I need?

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

Simple tips and advanced tips for managing your website.

Why a website?