DIY Build Your Own Website

Build Your Own Website

Build with WordPress

WordPressWordPress is a free web tool, or website software, that helps your build and manage your website.

Free, meaning open-source software, one can create a simple business website, personal blog, online e-commerce shopping cart and more. The capabilities of this software are almost unlimited. Millions of website owners currently use WordPress to power their websites.

WordPress is free to download and install and is continually maintained and updated by a great community of volunteers, programmers and enthusiasts.

# of people with WordPress websites

# of WordPress plugins – growing daily

What you will need

Things you will need to build your own website!

Domain Name

A domain name is your unique address on the Internet. It is your .com, .ca, .net or other. It can be your business name or anything that you want as long as it is available.

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Also known as WordPress themes. Simple ‘plug & play’ WordPress themes that change the look and feel of your website. Change branding, color scheme and more.

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Add functionality to your website with ‘plugins’ that let you do more. Custom contact e-mail forms, e-commerce to sell online, membership systems and search engine optimization.

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Web Hosting

Your website needs a home to store your pages, images and files online. The web server store and ‘serves’ your web pages to people visiting your website. We should you what to look for.

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Sell Online

Looking to sell products online? eCommerce solutions that could not be any easier. Starting building an online store without investing thousand to see if selling online is for you!

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Website Designs + Themes

WordPress themes allow you to customize your website any way that you like.

Change colors to match your brand or business identity, control the navigation menu, add image sliders or videos, create custom contact forms and more.

High degree of flexibility and ‘mobile-ready’ right out of the box.

Out of thousands of WordPress Themes on the market, we’ve hand-picked themes worth reviewing as we have built dozens of websites on proven themes that work.

When building your own website, you want to make sure you are using a design and theme that will not only support you today, but also carry you in to the future.

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WordPress Web Hosting
Domain Name Registration

Website Plugins & Add-Ons

Super charge your website with additional functionality – have your website do more! Add-ons, or WordPress Plugins, let’s you extend your content management system (CMS)

Common examples of great plugins include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – these plugins help with your ability to get ranked in the search engines. They will not bring you to the top of the search engine listings, but will guide you ranking better through keyword suggestion, title and meta description tag creation, image optimization and more.
  • Contact Form Plugins – instead of a simple email address on your website, contact form plugins can be customized further for additional information from people submitting questions on your website.
  • Caching and performance plugins – speed is a great factor in user-experience and why not serve out your web pages as best possible. Caching plugins reduce the load on your web server, optimize your source code (HTML) and the good one offer tips for better web performance.
  • e-Commerce – want to see online? With WordPress, you can also set up an online store and sell directly from your website with e-commerce plugins that address product information, ordering, customer information, taxation, shipping and more.

WordPress Plugins

Most popular FREE WordPress plugins:

  1. JetPack by WordPress – get website visitor statistics, better security, social media integration and a host of features simply with this one plugin.
  2. WP Super Cache – create HTML files from your WordPress website and serve out your web pages faster to your visitors.
  3. Contact Form 7 – create one or many contact forms with various customization options. A must have for anyone wanting to gather feedback or inquiries from their website.
  4. WooCommerce – start selling online directly from your website. Build your online store with the #1 WordPress plugin for managing a web store.
  5. excerpt-analytics-dashboard-for-wp/" target="_blank">Google Analytics – view how many people are visiting your website, where they are going and what they are doing. Great for marketing campaigns, ad tracking and knowing if your website is getting results.

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WordPress Hosting

Websites need to be hosted somewhere, why not choose a hosting company that specialized in WordPress website hosting services.

Responsibilities of a good hosting company include making sure your website is always online, visitors can get to your web pages and images or documents are served out in fast order.

Why WordPress Hosting

There are a great number of web hosting companies, but not all are set up to host a WordPress website. Many hosts already have clients with WordPress websites, so they best understand challenges associated with serving out a CMS based, open sourced website.

Is cheaper better?

Not always. If you wish to fully self-manage your hosting setup, a cheap hosting price is not an issue.

If you with for a more stable setup,