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Frequently asked questions about our services:

  1. How to send us files for your website
    1. Google Drive
    2. OneDrive
    3. WeTransfer

How to send us files for your website

There are a number of ways to send files, images or documents related to your website.

In this section, we will explore 3 options:

  1. Google Drive with Gmail
  2. OneDrive - Microsoft Outlook
  3. WeTransfer

Google Drive

If you have gmail, then you have Google Drive

Considering that most people have a gmail account, Google Drive would be the simple method of sharing files with us.


  1. Login and open your Google Drive account
  2. Create a new folder with your website name
  3. Add new files (Word documents, images, PDF's) to the new folder
  4. With the new folder, share the folder with us ([email protected])



Link to this web page: FAQ