Hello WordPress friends!

We’re back to WordPress for the SiteBuilderOne website.

After months of tinkering with Drupal8 and static website generator Hugo.io, we’re back to serving out this website with WordPress as it provides us the tools we need.

Here are some key findings:


  • Extremely powerful content management system for multi-users.
  • Ideal for enterprise, government and higher eduction needs.
  • Custom content types gives one the ability to create almost anything that involves data.
  • High learning curve – dedicate a lot of time in reviewing modules available.
  • PHP, Symfony and Composer – that says a lot.
  • Theme/template options in marketplace limited, requires high touch for customization.


  • Extremely fun producing & publishing static web sites.
  • Can be connected to Github to serve web pages or whole websites.
  • Basic command line knowledge required
  • Interesting theme options available.
  • No database, but data can be tinkered with using JSON or CSV files.
  • Very fast, efficient, powerful and lot’s of potential.