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How to check to see the number of web pages indexed in Google

How to check to see the number of web pages indexed in Google

Indexing, ranking, positioning and much more are terms used in the SEO business.

Many times website owners are unaware as to the number of web pages indexed in the search engines.

Remember when people refered to a database as an index or an index was a database?

Indexing is one of the first steps in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Website indexing is the number of web pages a search has listed for your website

Why does indexing matter?

If over time you have created and published over 30 web pages to your website and the search engines only show 5 pages listed in their index, then something is amiss.

This is where technical audits come up to determine why your website is not being indexed properly by the search engines.

Eventually you will one day want to rank for a keyword term or phrase, but if the web page does not show up in the index, then simply forget about ranking at this time – first one needs to determine why is this web page not indexing.

How to find our how many pages are being indexed in the search engines?

There are a number of online tools, software and programs that will assist with this, but you can do this yourself simply by using the search operator ‘site:’

From Yahoo, Bing or Google, in their search box, simply type in:


In the above example, by performing a Google query for ‘site:sitebuilderone.com’, we will see how many web pages are indexed in Google’s search engine.

In this case, the number is: 113

Search Engine Indexing

Well … I have more web pages than that!

This is the first start in a technical SEO audit many professionals perform before launching a campaign.

Items like your robots.txt file are review, duplicate content issues, penalization, invalid meta tags, incorrect XML sitemaps and more could be at play here.

So, step one in your SEO journey is to determine the number of web pages that are indexed for your website.









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