Migrating a WordPress website

As there are many resources out there for moving and migrating a website from one web server to another, this quick tutorial explains one method (out of many) that can be used to move a website over.

This is not too technical and involved the use of the duplicator plugin.

How to migrate your WordPress website with Duplicator

  1. Install the Duplicator plugin on the website that you wish to move over.
  2. Once installed, under ‘Packages’, create a new package
  3. When done, you’ll have 2 files to download to your computer: .zip archive of website and an installer.php file.
  4. Upload the files to your new web server, placing them in the ‘public_html’ folder or the folder used to serve out to your website.
  5. Create a new database along with a username and password – you will need this information when you run the installer.
  6. Once uploaded, go to your new website address and run the installer.php file from a web browser.

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