We've gone static


We've done it!

Converted our WordPress website back over to a static website.

In addition, we've pushed the website up to the cloud with Netlify and looking forward to this experience.

Why is this important for us

Although WordPress has provided great value to the many websites we have built over the past decade, we come to learn a few things when it comes to managing websites for our clients.

Not everyone needs or wants a WordPress powered website.

Managing websites becomes managing plugin updates, WordPress security issues, bot-battering on the web server and troubleshooting baked in code from solutions like Divi, Elementor and a host of page builders for WordPress.

The ROI on the learning curve and on-going maintenance has not justified the time invested.

Websites built with HTML offer a variety of benefits. Yes, in some cases, set up may take longer, but over time, these websites are less prone to vulnarability that exist online.

Lastly. Control over speed, performance, SEO and other matters makes a big difference.

Being dependant on plugins for caching, SEO and gamut of issues has become a battle of which plugin is better for what and at what cost.

For content driven websites, static the route forward in our opinion.

We've written a bit more on this matter with our blog posting about getting back to website building basics

How does this impact your existing website?

It does not.

Existing website currently on the WordPress platform will continue to be supported, updated and maintained.

Thank you for your on-going support.