Managed WordPress Websites

Run your business, we’ll take care of all the details of managing your website so that it is alway online.

We take care of all the technical details so that your website is search engine friendly, optimized for performance and is always visible to your customers online.

What we take care of:

  • Domain Name Registration (if required)
  • Domain Name Records (DNS)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Google Analytics and Search Console setup and reporting
  • Bot attacks and WordPress security
  • WordPress technical optimization (SEO)
  • SSL security certificates
  • Theme and WordPress plugin management
  • Web server setup
  • Web server optimization
  • Website maintenance that includes monthly performance optimization,

Website Hosting Technologies

There are a number of web hosting companies online that offer a variety services and technologies for hosting a WordPress website.

Based on years of of working with a variety of web server technologies, our technology stack for your WordPress website would employ a combination of the following based on your website requirements:

Data Center Locations

We working with a number of providers with data centers in Abbotsford, Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Depending on where you or your customers are located, our strategy is to place your website closest to your potential website visitors and customers online.

Abbotsford or Fraser Valley area businesses are primarily hosted on the west coast in a Vancouver based data center.

Existing clients who wish to have a national reach would be housed in the USA or Canada, depending on their target customer or client.

We believe that proximity to your data center will benefit your website visitor with faster reponse times and an overall better user experience for your customers.