View web page headings

As anyone working with SEO would know, headings on a web page are really important.

More surprisingly is finding out that some WordPress theme will have headings built in that may mess up your SEO – or ability to optimize the web page. Some premium themes (without naming them) are notorious for doing so.

For Developers – FireFox Add-On

Headings Map - FIrefox
View your web page headings with a simple click of a button

Developers looking to quickly analyze their web pages can view headings using the HeadingsMap Add-On

This nifty little Firefox tool will quickly show you the Heading elements of a web page.

So why are headings important?

There are many article on this topic and too much to get in to here, but in general, headings per page should be as follows

  • One H1 heading per page.
  • Two or more, if applicable H2 headings to support the first H1
  • h3 to support the h2, h4 to …. etc

Anywho … the reason for this post …