Domain Name Management

Information about domain name registration and our domain name management services.

A domain name is an internet web address that anyone can purchase and register on behalf of themselves or their business.

Domain names on average cost between $15-$25 per year and can be registered for one year or a number of years.

If you are a new business owner wanting a website for your business, registering a domain name is one of the first steps for an upcoming websites.

Domain Name Tips

The following are quick domain name tips we advise many of our web design and managed WordPress hosting customer, partners and clients.

Easy to remember

This one sounds simple, but can be challenging for some website owners.

Work towards having a domain name this is easy to communicate to someone over the phone or in person. People struggling to spell or type out your domain name would indicate that maybe an alternate name would need to be purchased.


Domain names can be registered with a variety of extensions; .com for commercial domain names, .ca for Canadian, .biz for business, .org for organization and so forth. Currently there are a variety of domain name extensions being offered that may not be applicable to your business.

If you are in Canada and the majority of the website visitors come from Canada, then registering a .ca name is a good choice.

If you are in Canada, but you do business all throughout North America, registering a .com would make more sense.

Extensions not required

If your main website domain name is “” or something similar, registering a variety of domain name extensions is not require and not recommended if you are providing services to a local area.

If you are a multi-national organization concerned about your brand globally or in international markets, then your organization would consider registering these domain names to protect your brand.

A few local manufacturing or organizations do register national domain names (i.e., .fr for France, .de for Germany, for the United Kindgom) if they have branch offices in international locations.

In general, most business owners who provide services locally or nationally should have one main domain name for their business.

Protect your domain name registration

Most importantly is protecting the domain name registrar information. These are the ‘keys’ to you website and business online.

Hypothetically should someone gain access to your domain name registrar, they could adjust a variety of things related to your email service, website hosting or even take ownership of the domain name.

When working with website developers and designers, some will ask for this information. It is a valid request if website hosting or any related services need to be set up that is associated with your domain name.

Change passwords yearly and make sure that the primary email and account information is up to date.

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