Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress website hosting simply means that we take care of all matters related to keeping your website secure, up to date with the latest software updates and most importantly, functioning so that your website visitors can engage with your website information.

Setting up website hosting is the next step after domain name registration. After you have registered your domain name for your business, one would then ‘point’ to where the website host is located.

What is website hosting?

Think of website hosting as ‘rental real estate’ for your website.

The real estate is the web server.

The primary function for a web server is to ‘serve’ out your website content (pages, files, images, PDF’s) to visitors of your website.

Rather than setting up, maintaining and connecting your web server to the Internet, one rents space on a web server for website files that is your website.

WordPress hosting

Today, most self-managed websites are powered by WordPress because it gives people that ability to manage their own website content: make web page updates, upload new images, create content for a website and more.

WordPress is free open-source sofware that consist of a multitple of files, scripts and code that can only run from a web server that has additional tools to properly function. To get more specific, these tools would include the PHP scripting language, a database to store content such as mySQL or MariaBD and web server technologies such as Apache, NGINX or LiteSpeed Technologies.

To make things more interesting, there is additional technologies as well that is recommended to keep a website live and performing well online.

Additional software would include cPanel for file, email and server related tools, CloudFlare for web server firewalls, SSL certificates and more to have a website properly functioning online.

Website Design Services

We offer a variety of website development & design services