Websites for Local Business

Local business websites are built primarily for businesses operating in their local area who are wanting to inform consumers and customers about their service offerings.

Most often, websites are 3-5 web pages with information about your business.

What do people want to know?

Most people shopping online for your services are looking better get to know who you are, what your company does and what service offerings you have that can solve their problem.

At minimum, people are interested in:

  • You business and service reach
  • How to contact you for a quote, proposal or estimate
  • Hours of operation
  • Information about your services
  • Photo gallery of current or past projects the give people a sense of your works.
  • Any related media/content that people will need to do business with you (i.e. PDF forms, contracts, etc)
  • Any related reviews or recommendations about your business

Why have a website?

It’s your online business card that can answer most of your customers questions about what you do.

Save time answering most common questions. People spend more time researching who they want to do business with, having a website that educates people about your service offerings will help your business over time.

Adds to your credibility. Publishing customer testimonials, showing a photo gallery of your works builds trust and confidence with your business.

What you get

3 page website to start.

  • Website Home page provides an overview about your business.
    • If you offer more than 3 services, then we have:
  • Services web page provides list of services your business offers with related photos/images you provide.
  • Contact web page provides information to website visitors about how to contact you (by phone, email or other)
    • Contact form to email. Have people submit their questions online, receive them directly to your email account.

Additional web pages could also include:

  • Gallery web page that showcases some of the finsihed work that you do.
  • Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) web page for common questions people ask about your business

What do we need to get started

In general, to build you a small business website, we need information about your business and the services you offer.

This would include:

  • Your business details: Name, address, contact details and best way for people to reach you.
  • List of services you offer
  • Original photos or images of items that your have built, created, produced, manufactured, etc.