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Website Testing Tools

Collection of handpicked links to great websites that provide further testing and analysis of your website. Webmaster tools for everyone!

Speed & Performance

Start here as this affects many other things like SEO and user experience. Find and fix performance problems first

Dotcom-Monitor Tools

Collection of tools to test web and email servers, dns and network trace, email blacklist and latency.


Analyse site loads, speed and performance of CSS, Javascript, Images and more

KeyCDN Website Speed Test

Website Speed Test. Waterfall view of assets being loaded on to render a website


Test your website speed from various data centers around the world

Varvy – Page Speed Optimization

Visually engaging tool to view your web page performance with a list of recommendations.

Website Analysis

Many of the tools here will evaluate a website in complete. One could spend a lot of time here

Google Mobile Friendly Test

With a focus on mobile friendliness, Google helps you test to see if your website is ready for mobile.


Website analysis tool that reviews a number of metrics such as social media popularity, web page content, headings. Provide a score for various categories that they analyze.

Web Archive

See what your website looked like in the past

Header Analysis

Redirection Analysis

Check to see if you 301 redirects are working. Review if non-www are redirecting to www – or other way around

Web Sniffer

View HTTP Header Request and Responses

Developer: Generators

Website to help you build and customize better


CSS Generator for creating buttons, backgrounds, text, shadows, transitions and transformers


Create favicons from your images – have fun with this!

Twitter Bootstrap Button Generators

Use color, icons and text to create CSS Twitter Bootstrap Buttons

WP Secret key generator

Reset website cookies for WordPress website


Tools related to marketing and promotion of your website

Find Website IP Address

Get IP Address of website


Link shortener attached to your account – stats and metrics included.

MX Toolbox

Email problems? Start here. Various tools to test email MX records, DNS records.