New website checklist

A quick new website checklist that covers basic strategies for SEO and connecting your website to 3rd party entities for tracking and more. Things to do for new websites and for website re-designs. We offer a free checklist to guide your along the way.

.htaccess snippets

Simple cut-and-paste snippets for your .htaccess files when working with static and WordPress websites.

Setting up SPF & DMARC Records with CloudFlare

SPF and DMARC records help with getting your emails through to your customers.

Here is how to set this up with CloudFlare.


We’ve converted to Hugo, here are some reasons you may also want to consider moving to a static site generator for your next project

Java Notes

Java object orientated programming language notes

Laraclassified Tips

Build your next classified ads website with a Laravel powered ads websites

Terminal Commands

Hello to simple terminal commands

WordPress Webmaster

So you’re a WordPress webmaster

Drupal 8 Composer Drush

Notes for installing Drupal 8 on localhost (MAMP/Docker/VM/other) with Composer while using the power of Drush.