Website Quote Request

Looking for an estimate or quote for your next website project?

We offer a no-obligation website pricing quote that you can use to budget for your marketing or business expense.

What information

To better understand your business needs, the following information is required to get a web design pricing estimate.

Website Information

If you are looking for a website re-design or upgrade, information about your existing website is important. This information would include:

  • You website address
  • Company or individual currently managing website content updates.
  • Your website hosting provider and related website services.
  • Business tools or services - are there any online services that your website must use? Examples here would include and CRM system, lead generation tool, email marketing tools (MailChimp), e-Commerce or other?

Business needs and goals

This helps in determining how a website design or website upgrade would be help with meeting your business goals. Common business goals would include:

  • Generating more leads and customer inquiries for your business.
  • Promoting products and services
  • Providing relevant information about the products or services you provide
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Better marketing your business and website online
  • Increase sign ups to your existing marketing funnel via newsletters or CRM systems
  • Website to support marketing campaigns with custom landing pages and funnel systems.

Website Features - What do you want your website to do?

Here is a simple list of most comon and popular website features most business owners as for:

  • Contact form - the ability for people to contact you and your business.
  • Image galleries - the ability to upload images to web pages to showcase the products and services your business provides.
  • Location map or directions - if you run a regional, local or retail business, providing information about your location(s) and business hours is important for customers wanting to do business with you.
  • Payment processing - the ability to caputure transactions on your website.
  • Events calendar
  • Customer reviews & testimonials - showcase and display customer and client testimonials on website.
  • Social sharing tool - the ability to share web pages and posting to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
  • Membership system - ability for people to log in and interact with your website.
  • Inventory listings - display, categorize and search your inventory online.
  • Newsletter subscription sign-ups
  • Landing pages for digital marketing and social media advertising campaigns.
  • Live chat for immediate engagement with your online visitors and customers.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) listings.
  • Website blog for categorized postings for industry related news and company updates.

Website Management - who will provide updates to your website?

Questions about your immediate and on-going website management is important as this helps determing who will oversee the updates to your website.

Common questions with website management include:

  1. Who will manage the website content updates when your website has been created or updated?
  2. What are their technical capabilities and will they require training?
  3. Do you plan to self-manage your website.
  4. Will there be one person or multiple people managing your business website?

Website Marketing & Promotions

Better understanding your current and future business website marketing plans helps with putting together a proper website pricing quote as there may be considerations that need to be made in the website design and development process.


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