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We build websites that deliver results!

Local Small Business Websites

We build your website, then hand you the keys

We build websites with WordPress, the world’s most popular open-source software for managing your website content.

The beauty of WordPress is that you can have one or many people in your website adding and updating content when required – it’s up to you.

The goal is to make it simple and easy for you to manage your own website.

Once we’re done building, we hand you the key and you’re back to growing your business.

Local Business Websites

Local small business websites are ideal for companies, trades and business offering services in a local area.

Being listed when people search for services related to your business is important for generating new leads, sales and growth for your business.

This website package is ideal for companies offering services such as painting & decorating, home renovations, masonry, plumbing and more.

Local Small Business Website

Built for Speed + Performance = Better SEO

Everyone talks about SEO, or better yet, getting better results from the search engines.

The starting factor is your website performance.

Your website needs to be fine-tuned technically before it can compete online.

If your competitors are concerned about performance and SEO, you should be too.

Website performance includes having the right website software, the right website hosting and the right content that your users are looking for.

Website Development & Design

We develop website that make it easy for you to manage – it’s that simple.

Development starts with determining your goals, functional requirements and assesing your web ready content inventory.

Today you could start with 5 web pages and over time amass dozens of pages that your visitors may be looking for.

We build websites with your branding, information & content, images and media assets to get you started online.

Web Hosting Matters

Your web pages, images and files are placed on computer that serves out your files to your online visitors. This is your web host.

Where you host matters.

Speed, performance and proximity to your clients & customers matter.

We offer WordPress managed hosting services as well as like any software, WordPress and your web host need to be occassionaly updated & reviewed to make a difference online.

If required, we also offer cloud & CDN services depending on your website needs.