Website Design

New website development and website re-design services for custom and WordPress powered sites.

Digital Marketing

Website marketing and promotions via paid advertising and social media marketing. Generate new leads and inquiries for your business with proven digital marketing solutions.

Managed Hosting

Canadian hosting solutions with data centres in Abbotsford, Toronto and Vancouver. We manage the details for a fast, optimized and secure website for your customers.

Website Design & Development

Function vs Form.

In short, development is the functionality of a website, i.e., what do you want your website to do.

Form is how you wish to visually represent yourself online.

Merging function & form together online is what makes a website great.

The website development process involves gather information about your business and your goals for presenting your business online.


Existing marketing and brand materials can be used in the creation of your website, this includes using your existing branding, logo, brochures and promotional pieces.


Functionality such as contact forms to email, online shopping carts, quote carts, product gallery and inquiry forms would be reviewed in the development process.

What do you want your website to do?

This answers the functionality part of your website.

Most common answers here are:

  • Generate more leads for my business
  • Sell online with a shopping cart
  • Display our product catalogue online
  • Manage our own website
  • Have visitors contact us via a contact form to email system

What will your website look like?

In many cases, we would use your existing branding and marketing materials.

Are there websites that your find interesting or wish to have us review?

Are you after a cleaner, simplistic approach to presenting your business online?

If graphic design services or logo development is required, please let us know. We offer professional graphic design services.

Graphic Web Design

Professional graphic design services available for more than just web.

Have your business cards and promotional materials work together with your website.

Brand development, logos, print brochures and more also available upon request.

Website Re-Design

Website re-design involves reviewing your exisiting website and re-evaluate your online goals.

Areas for improvements here would include: content updates, visual re-design, performance updates and more.

What is working for your existing website?

There may already be aspects of your existing website that is already working for visitor engagement: photo galleries,contact forms or information about your business.

What new functionality do you wish to add?

Gaps may exist for what your current website is capable of to what you wish for you website to do.

Outlining your functionality goals matters when having your website re-designed.

WordPress Websites

Being the most popular website content management system, some prefer to build out their own websites.

We offer ‘basic’ installations of WordPress – what you do with plugins and themes is up to you.

We’re here to make sure you’re on a secure and speedy host to make it happen.

Website Management

A website needs to be maintained as things can change over time.

Changes to business hours, information about your business, new images & photos and new products may need to be added and updated on your website.

In addition to content updates to your site, the website requires attention to maintain the software that powers your website. For the most part these are technical matters that a developer will address with keeping your website up and running to the best of it’s performance. Common matters include security & software updates, website add-ons and plugin updates. Just like a computer or mobile phone, software updates are to be expected.

Who will manage the content on your website?

Depending on the size of your business, most business owners are capable of making changes to their website(s). If you have staff that are more tech-savvy, individuals can also be added to make adjustments and updates to your website.

How often do you need to update content?

Some businesses need content updated on a regular basis.

Common examples would include upcoming trade shows and conventions, changes in product pricing, changes in business hours, updates to website content.

Domain Names

We set up new domain names for your business or work with the domain names you already have. Commercial (.com), Canadian (.ca), Non-profit or other – we’ll work with you to get the right domain name for your business.

Website Hosting

All websites need a web host to serve out web pages, images and files to your website visitors.

As there are many companies in the web hosting space, we have a select number of companies that we have great

experiences with. Performance, speed and delivery matter here.

Hosting options include hosting in Canada or the United States via services that are highly connected.

WordPress Websites

Being the most popular website content management system, some prefer to build out their own websites.

Creatives & graphic designers may wish to build-out their own webiste at their own pace.

We offer ‘basic’ installations of WordPress – what you do with plugins and themes is up to you.

We’re here to make sure you’re on a secure and speedy host to make it happen.

Website Management

For those challenged with time, we offer on-going website content management services.

This is a no-frills service, send us your website content updates, we’ll make the changes for you.

We oversee security updates, WordPress updates, theme and plugin reviews in addition to changes made with web server technologies such as PHP, Apache and mySQL.

Website Marketing

After your website is built, further marketing and promotions of your website is required.

How do you plan to marketing your website?

Traditional methods include listing your website address on business cards, print materials and brochures.

Social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on your existing channels is also a good way of driving traffic to your website.

Paid Advertising

Internet advertising, also known as Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is an option to drive more traffic to your website or product/promotional landing pages.

Most common ad network online is Google AdWords, where one can buy and bid on keyword terms and phrases for additional visitor traffic.

Search Optimization

Some call it ‘SEO’, where all it really is letting the search engine better discover your website.

All our websites are built with search engines in mind.

This means getting your website visible and listed in the search engines – if people can’t find you online, what the point of having a website?

We work with best practices, as outlined by search engines, to get your site in to their indexes.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media is a viable option depending on where your customer demographics.

Common ad networks on social media include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Having pre-defined campaign goals for website marketing on social channels is key as most campaigns involve an investment in time.